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thetatiana ([personal profile] thetatiana) wrote2012-10-15 03:01 am

Two bunnies arguing vociferously about which path they should take.

I was looking at the wikipedia article on the rorschach test today and before reading the common responses, and based on the thumbnail pics in the article, I decided on my interpretation of each.

Card 1 I decided was two elephants climbing either side of a tall water fountain together to get a drink, since it's obvious that if one climbs alone, the fountain will likely fall and be damaged. Good example of cooperative pachydermic behavior.

Card 2 looks to me like two buddhist monks meditating knee to knee with hands together.

Card 3 is just obviously two DJs dancing while spinning records, with red music squirting out around them.

Card 4 is clearly a giant trying to pull a sword out of the ground. The perspective is looking up from almost between his feet.

Card 5 is for me clearly a chimeric being with the legs of an ostritch, bat wings, and a bunny head.

Card 6 is a priest saying mass, facing the congregation, with the altar and a crucifix on the wall behind him.

I see in card 7 the two bunnies arguing vociferously about which path they should take, of the blog post title.

In card 8 I see an MRI image of a cross section of someone's insides. Lungs and the backbone are clearly visible.

Card 9 was the hardest for me, but it finally resolved into two seahorses wearing pants shaped like maps of France, with large disco-type platform shoes on.

Card 10 I see as a roadside fruit stand in Paris, with lots of produce and flowers arranged in a pleasing display.

When I looked at the common interpretations, I was surprised to see almost no overlap between my interpretations and those of other people. It made me laugh. What do you see in the cards?

By the way, I think science has thoroughly discredited any findings psychologists may think they have made about the test.